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What? Girls Night Edition is a fun and silly party game for females, during Ladies Night Out, Pajama Parties, Bachelorette Parties or when the boy's are doing their 'boy things'. Have fun while you boldly tell the truth or a brutal lie, while answering general questions, fill in the blanks or sticky situations.

What? Girls Night Edition
Manufacturer: Outset
#of Players: 5 or more
Age Range: 18+

From the Box
"What? Girls Night Edition is a hilarious party game of who-said-what. Players are asked to write responses to humorous questions and situations, and everyone must guess who wrote what. There's no need to be truthful!!! There's no need to be tasteful!!! Feel free to be as silly or as funny as you want...honesty is not the best policy in the game. WHAT is the perfect game for the ultimate girls night get-together."

Warning, this game includes sexual references and other content that may be deemed inappropriate.

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