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Need a new game to play or Game Night, then The Game of Scruples, How Will You Respond Board Game will fill that void. The Game of Scruples, How Will You Respond, is a board game for 4 to 8 players ages 18. The purpose of this party game is to discuss and address everyday moral dilemmas of work, money, friends, family, neighbors and, relationships.

Game: The Game of Scruples, How Will You Respond
Manufacturer: Endless Games
#of Players: 4 - 8
Age Range: 18+

Questions from the game, how would you respond?
-“Your new boss says there need to be cutbacks. He asks you to recommend someone to fire. Do you?”
-“At your wedding reception, your spouse asks if you had ever been intimate with a flirty guest. You had. Do you tell the truth?”
-Would you scroll through your significant other's messages on her cellphone while she's not looking?

FROM THE GAME BOX: "The Game of Scruples is the "adults only" party game that will challenge your moral compass as you debate how you and your friends would react to sticky situations and provocative predicament! Sit on the hot seat and honestly reveal what you would do. Win or lose, you'll learn a lot more about your friends and yourself than you might want to."

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