Superman Personalized Christmas Stocking - Embroidered DC Comics Super Hero Clark Kent, Justice League of America, Man of Steel, Add a Name

  • $15.00

Give your superhero a gift that he/she will enjoy, a blue and red Superman Personalized Christmas Stocking. Superman is a powerful superhero from DC Comics. Although Superman is an alien born on the planet Krypton, he fights evil and is a protector of the innocent. Superman has incredible strength, speed and has the ability to fly. When he's out fighting evil, you will see him wearing a blue super suit and a red cape.

Superman Personalized Christmas Stocking is a red and blue Christmas Stocking featuring DC Comic's Superhero, Superman. This stocking features a comic image of Superman, flying through the air. Behind him is the tiny outline the metropolitan city of Metropolis. Superman is wearing his iconic blue super suit with logo, red briefs over his suit, a red cape and red boots. On the center of Superman's chest affixed to his super suit is a large cone-shaped red "S" on a yellow background. The top of the stocking is red trim with the embroidered words "Superman" in black and yellow lettering.

This stocking can be personalized or monogrammed with a name. Please select in the style drop-down box "with name added" and during checkout leave the name in the message to seller. If you do not want a name or initials added, select "without name" in the drop-down box.

Item: Superman Personalized Christmas Stocking
Theme: Comics, Superhero, Superman
Color: Blue & Red
Features: Embroidered "Superman"
Material: Polyester
Length: 18 inches

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