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Rold Gold Heart Shaped Pretzels Upcycled Heartzels Repurposed Change Purse, Coin Pouch, Zipper Vinyl Wallet, Potato Chips Bag

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READY TO SHIP Rold Gold Heartzels Pretzel Upcycled Recycled Change Purse or Coin Pouch.

Rold Gold Heartzels Pretzel Coin Purse has a zipper closure and is roughly 3.5 inches by 4 inches. To reinforce the change purse, reclaimed coordinated fabric is used on the inside and reclaimed vinyl for the outside.

*Please note size may vary.

This purse can be used as a wallet, change purse, coin purse or business card holder.

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All items are made from different potato chip labels, snack wrapper,cookie wrappers or candy wrappers and attached to matching material. Labels and wrappers are washed and dried, then sewn to matching fabric remnants. Items are additionally protected with reclaimed vinyl.

By purchasing this one of a kind set, you personally contribute to reducing waste and this is something you can feel good about. By "reusing" the wrappers and labels, these items are not thrown out and do not end up ion a land fill some place. THIS, you can definitely feel good about.

Note: When washing and caring for product: Do not submerge, wipe only. Do not place in or near direct flames.

Note about Custom Orders: Need something specific to fit your or your gifting needs? Want a different wrapper or have your own wrappers, message me and together we can build a custom order with a custom price for you. Want a mixed set? Message me and I will create a custom listing for you. Prefer a different color backing? Again, message me so I can create a custom listing.

Note About Quantities: Want more items and its not available, message me and I will be happy to make a custom order for you.

Note: All products are made in a smoke free environment.

Processing time should take 3-5 days and 1-2 weeks when placing large orders, more than 3 sets.

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