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Red and Gold Ruffled Layered Christmas Tutu Skirt for Babies, Toddlers and Little Girls, Flared Ruffle with Satin Under Skirt Slip Lining

Red Christmas Layered Tutu Skirt with gold dots is perfect for your child to wear during the Christmas holiday season and Christmas Parties. This skirt has a covered red elastic band and five layers of soft red tulle. The tulle is gathered in layered ruffles resembling an A-line shape. Printed on the red tulle layers are small gold dots. Under the tulle, there is a layer of red satin lining. This lining protects your child's legs while providing a barrier between the tulle and the body.

Machine wash inside out with like colors. Tumble dry low. Do not iron tulle ruffles.

12 months - 28-29.5 in/19.5-22 lbs;
71-75 cm /8.9-10 kg;
18 months - 30-31.5 in/22.5-26 lbs;
76-80 cm/10.2-11.8 kgs;
2T toddlers- 32-33.5 in/26.5-30 lbs;
81-85 cm/12.2-13.6 kgs;
3T toddlers- 34-37.5 in/30.5-34 lbs;
86.5-95 cm/12.2-13.6 kgs;
4T toddlers- 38-41.5 in/34.5-38 lbs;
96.5-105 cm/15.7-17.3 kgs;
5T toddlers- 42-44.5 in/38.5-42 lbs;
107-113 cm/17.5-19.1 kgs;

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