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Pokemon Set Of 4 Classic Pokeballs Needle-Felted Plush Figures


Needle-Felting is a process of using barbed needles to weave loose fibres or wool together until they form a matted piece of felt or shape.I use a method called “3D Felting” which brings my creations to life. These felted items are 100% made out of felt. No filler or styrofoam is included. 100% felt means that this item is fortified, can hold its form, and will not have that “fuzzy look”. Due to to the nature of producing handmade products one at a time there is always the possibility of slight variations in appearance. Every effort will always be made to make the product look the same in appearance to the original sample as close as possible. Please note that colors may vary between computer screens.


This set of Pokeball Needle Felted Plushies, is made with High-Quality Merino and Corriedale Wool.

Gotta catch them all! These 2" Pokémon Pokeball Felted Plush is a must have for all Pokemon fans! Like a real Pokeball, this ball is perfectly sized to fit the palms of your hand. Made to be sturdy, this super soft plush figure is great to take wherever you go and is perfect for display! The Pokeball plush figure is inspired by Pokémon anime, trading cards, Let's Go! and Nintendo video games series! 

Makes a great gift for fans of Pokemon. This item would be great as a newborn photo prop! For Cosplayers, this plush can be a great addition to their cosplay.


*This listing is for the COMPLETE SET of the original 4 Pokeballs in the games: Pokeball, Great ball, Ultra ball, and Master ball. Stay tuned for the additional types that were added through the games (from quick balls to beast!) If you'd like to purchase individuals, they can be found in additional listings!

This listing is for ONE pokeball. Please see additional listings if you'd like to order a full set of the 6 different types currently available!

**This product is not meant for rough play/use. THIS IS NOT A TOY!

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