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Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy - Classic Desktop Toy, Stacking Screws, Figurine Men, Stress Relief, Decorative Desk Ornament, Home Office Decor

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Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy is a fun desktop toy that turns desktops into professional playgrounds of creative thought. It encourages and improves fine motor skills, intelligence and creativity. This sculpture can also help eliminate stress by taking a mental break and allowing your hands the freedom to build while the mind thinks. Taking this break will give you clarity and make your work environment more pleasant.

Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy includes a black 2.75-inch magnetic base and varied amount of metal objects. This item has the option of being personalized with a name, a hashtag or a quote. If you would like to have this item personalized, please select the appropriate option from the "personalized" drop-down box. During checkout, please leave the name, hashtag or quote in the message to seller.

Available Magnet Sculptures:
1 - Stacking Screws
2 - Stacking Men
3 - Stacking Spheres

Personalization Options:
1 - Name (ex. Brian)
2 - Hashtag (ex. #Overwhelmed)
3 - Favorite Quote (ex. "Winter is coming")
4 - No Personalization

This product contains strong magnets. Keep magnets away from computers and anything else that might be sensitive to magnetic fields. WARNING: Choking Hazard-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.