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Futura Estrella De Cine or Future Movie Star Baby Girl Pink Short Sleeve Spanish Statement Bodysuit, Top, Shirt

"Futura Estrella De Cine" or "Future Movie Star" is a pink short sleeve baby girl statement bodysuit or bodysuit written in Spanish and is ideal for the little diva. "Futura estrella de cine" is a Spanish phrase that translates into English as, "Future movie star." The main focus of this bodysuit is a glittered faux necklace and the words in Spanish "Futura estrella de cine". The faux necklace has glittered silver with small dots circles falling in a circular arch from the shoulders to above the word "futura". "Futura" and "De Cine" are written in a rounded hollow white font. This hollow font or outline allows the pink from the bodysuit to show through. "Estrella" is written in the same font but is solid with cutout small sars in the letters, "e", "r", and "a".

To make this onesie, the design is electronically cut from the vinyl and permanently attached by heat press to the onesie.