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Fabulosa Como Mi Abuela or Fabulous Like My Grandmother Baby Girl

Fabulosa Como Mi Abuela!" or "Fabulous like my grandmother!" is a navy blue short sleeve baby girl statement bodysuit written in Spanish. "Fabulosa como mi abuela!" is a Spanish phrase that translates into English as, "Fabulous like my grandmother!" This bodysuit is ideal for the happy baby who's always ready for action!

The main focus of this bodysuit is the words or Spanish statement styled with different glittered pastel colors, patterns, and shapes. "Fabulosa" is written in oversized capital letters in the following colors and patterns: Pink and white polka dots, blue and lime green stripes, solid white, pink and white polka dots, and blue and white polka dots. The "O" in "Fabulosa" is a lime green silhouette of a flower. The words "como mi" is written in a lower case font and is solid pink. Finally, "Abuela!" is written in pink, light blue, lime green, and white solid colors. To make this onesie, the design is electronically cut from the vinyl and permanently attached by heat press to the bodysuit.