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Baby's First Halloween Skeleton Tuxedo Costume Onesie with Bow Tie, Sunglasses, Bodysuit, Shirt, Top

Show off your baby with this Black Skeleton Tuxedo Costume and Onesie. This black long sleeve onesie features tuxedo lapels, pockets, a pair of sunglasses, a red bow-tie, a white collar and a skeleton torso. The skeletal torso replaces the shirt and includes a partial clavicle bones, rib cage, spinal cord column, and sternum. This tuxedo onesie is the perfect costume for your little one's first Halloween season.

To have the shirt personalized with the baby's name, please select "with baby's name" in the drop down menu below. During checkout, please leave the name in the message to seller. To leave the shirt plain or without the name, select "Without Baby's Name".

newborn- up to 21.5 inches/ 5 - 8 pounds;
0-3 months- 21.5 - 23 inches/ 8 - 12 pounds;
3-6 months- 24 - 26.5 inches/ 12.5 - 17 pounds;
6-9 months- 26.5 - 28.5 inches/ 16.5 - 20 pounds;
12 months- inches/ pounds;

*Please note colors and design may look different from the monitor screen.

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