My crazy life, craft, art, up-cycling, food and family

Crafting is a part of me and an essential part of my being. Crafting allows me to explore my inner self and creatively express it in the medium of my choice. Crafting makes me happy, but the enjoyment I receive when others appreciate my work is priceless.

I have always crafted and sold at flea markets or craft shows. As a young child, my mom would buy different supplies and would encourage me to create. When I was in high school, I began making jewelry boxes and covering photo albums, frames and anything else that could be covered. My mom sold Tupperware and I would bring along my crafted items to sell on her table at different markets and craft shows. In time, I needed my own table.

I started Chew On This or That, as a fulfillment for a college course. My professor, encourage me to start a blog as a means to express the challenges I was facing with living with a terminal disease. My blog started as an art journal, but in time I started adding my other crafts. This exposure led to fans, additional orders and a demand to see more.

April of 2012, I started my Etsy store in the hospital bed recovering from pneumonia and two heart attacks. My body hurt, but I was alive and ready to fight for another day.

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